Vassal Families

Since each member of the major families is a member of the Kuge in this Rokugan, vassal samurai, or Buke, are much more prominent. Most samurai is a member of one the Empire’s hundreds of vassal families. The majority of vassal families are sworn to serve one of the major families, however there are some that only serve the Emperor directly, such as the main Minor Clan families, or the rare Ronin families.

List of the Main Minor Clan Families:
-Ichiro (Badger), Moshi (Centipede), Tonbo (Dragonfly), Kitsune (Fox), Usagi (Hare), (Mantis*), Suzume (Sparrow), Kasuga (Tortoise), (Wasp*)

*Mantis and Wasp have no family name, but are considered members of the Buke.

List of Vassal Families

Vassal Families

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