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Note: This page is for NPCs that do not currently warrant their own page, but that is subject for change as the PCs will likely turn random background characters into major players at some point. These NPCs can be found under the session that they were introduced, any future appearances will be mentioned in their bio.

Session 1: Writ of Justice

Akodo Torokai
-Lion Clan Samurai and Emerald Magistrate, he was stuck serving as Otomo Sojin’s spur of the minute yojimbo and sent out the Yoriki (PCs) to solve the kidnapping in his stead.

Otomo Sojin
-A wealthy Imperial residing in the North Hub Village of Otosan Uchi, he seemed blissfully unaware of his son’s illicit activities, or perhaps he chose to turn a blind eye. He requested the aid of the PCs to help save his son, Otomo Kokare, from his kidnappers, which they successfully accomplished.
-Owes a Favor: Matsu Mamoru, Ikoma Chiyo, Soshi Hiretsuna

Otomo Kokare
-The spoiled and foolish son of Otomo Sojin. His pitiful skills as a gambler put him increasingly in the debt of the Red Foxes Yakuza gang, who decided to kidnap Kokare to hold for ransom. He was successfully rescued by the PCs, but seemed ungrateful.

Shosuro Adoka
-A friend of Otomo Sojin’s, and representative of the Scorpion in the North Hub Village. Akoka has ties to the Gentle Blossom geisha house and used it as a way to have Sojin meet the yoriki inconspicuously. He expressed to Hiretsuna that it would aid the Scorpion if the Red Foxes gang were destroyed.

Kasuga Tenmei
-Local magistrate of the North Hub Village, she had tolerated the existence of the yakuza so long as they keep their crimes low key and out of the way of the samurai populace. She is the cousin of Kasuga Seichō, Emerald Magistrate of the Kajitani Province of the Crane.

Chutokire – DEAD
-Boss of the Red Foxes Yakuza, he was the mastermind behind the kidnapping of Otomo Kokare. An old man in ill shape, he had a taste for handsome young men, particularly his lover and second in command, Yukira. He and his gang were brought down by the Yoriki with the help of the Smiling Tiger gang. He was killed while trying to flee by Matsu Mamoru, but not before gaining a promise that Mamoru would kill his betrayer, Yukira.

-Second-in-command of the REd Foxes and lover of boss Chutokire. Yukira was a sly and handsome man who oversaw the day to day operations of the gang, like the running of the Drunken Phoenix Gambling Den and the kidnapping of Otomo Kokare. When the Yoriki and the Smiling Tigers attacked their base, Yukira took as much koku as he could and fled, abandoning Chutokire to his fate. Matsu Mamoru has made a promise that he will kill Yukira.

-Boss of the Smiling Tiger Yukazu. He is a paunch, but tough man in his early forties. He was convinced by the Yoriki to burn down his own headquarters as a diversion so that they and his gang could attack the Red Foxes. After the Red Foxes were taken out, Ajira and his Tigers quickly made themselves at home in their defeated rival’s base. Mamoru and Chiyo found Ajira to be rude and distasteful, but chose to disregard this in order to save Otomo Kokare.

-A filthy alcoholic ronin, Tomoji was Otomo Kokare’s gambling and drinking partner. He tipped the Yoriki off about who likely kidnapped Kokare. While his sword scabbards were chipped and worn, Soshi Hiretsuna noticed that the blades themselves were pristine and sharp, leading him to believe that there was more to the ronin than meets the eye.

Session 2: A Night of Good Fortunes

Other Characters

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